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A lovely afternoon

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Friends are a wonderful thing. Having a strong network of friends can be extremely beneficial in keeping yourself emotionally stable and supported. A few weeks when working on this beautiful new site for my practice, I had the chance to invite some of my wonderful girl friends to join me for a impromptu community workshop where we captured nice pictures and images.

As we were wrapping our wonderful chat, the media makers responsible for the site asked the ladies if they wanted to share some comments about me. I usually tend to avoid being caught in the spotlight as I truly enjoy my supportive role in the lives of all of my patients; that said, I must admit it felt good to receive so much love from such beautiful people.

Here's one of those "testimonials" about me, written by my friend Kim, which I share as an example of a good exercise you can accomplish with your close friends. I suggest you take a day to get together, and have everyone write a message about what is it that they like about each other. It is one of those simple activities that can bring a great deal of joy to your hearts, both as the person receiving the nice message from a friend, and as the person writing the message for someone else.

"Jacqueline has a unique energy that naturally draws you to her. She is a perfect balance of enough gentleness to be very kind and compassionate with enough assertiveness to be very empowering, positive and uplifting. She has a gift of making you feel comfortable to be candid with her and I always feel more confidence and self worth after spending time with her. She has been a blessing to me and i am thankful that my life journey has brought me to know her" - Kim.

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